Extinction and Livestock International Conference

The Extinction and Livestock international conference is being held on 5th/6th October 2017 at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, and will examine how we can transform our global food and farming systems to work for people, the planet and animals. World-class speakers will outline the big issues and suggest solutions. The conference will bring together diverse interests and Read more about Extinction and Livestock International Conference[…]

A People’s Food Policy

A People’s Food Policy, 2017:  This report is a ground-breaking manifesto, in the context of the food sovereignty framework, to which the UK Food Group contributed. It outlines a people’s vision of food and farming in England and is supported by over 100 food and farming organisations. The report draws on 18 months of extensive, nation-wide Read more about A People’s Food Policy[…]

Sustainable Sustenance Symposium

How can your diet change the world? The Women’s Environmental Network FORUM is a quarterly symposium discussing topics of the moment. The Forum will explore how our diets and the choices we make can impact the planet including: How does our diet impact climate change? How do we make our decisions?- organic, fairtrade, buy local, Read more about Sustainable Sustenance Symposium[…]

New Sustain’s briefing on post-Brexit farming

Sustain’s new briefing presents principles and policies that would deliver better food and farming when the UK  leaves the European Common Agriculture Policy. It recommends that the next Government should retain taxpayer support for farmers post-Brexit, but replace the old two pillar EU system with a new four-part deal for farming based on payments for public Read more about New Sustain’s briefing on post-Brexit farming[…]

Stopping the factory farming machine

Marking the International Day for Biological Diversity, Compassion in World Farming’s will launch a new campaign, STOPTHEMACHINE at London’s Natural History Museum on Monday 22 May.   STOPTHEMACHINE will demonstrate how lands and waters once teeming with life are now over-farmed, over-fished and denuded to feed billions of farm animals crammed into cruel factory farms. Informed Read more about Stopping the factory farming machine[…]

Landworkers’ Alliance launches post-Brexit Agriculture Policy recommendations

The Landworkers’ Alliance launched its post-Brexit agriculture policy recommendations outside Defra’s offices in London on Friday 21st April. Featuring a dining table promoting the high-quality fresh produce of its members, the launch highlighted the need for small-scale and family farmers to be offered a ‘place at the table’ in upcoming negotiations over the future of UK Read more about Landworkers’ Alliance launches post-Brexit Agriculture Policy recommendations[…]

Hayfield with round bales. Photo by Rick Harrison (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Brexit government urged to take control of food, farming and fisheries for public good.

Over 80 organisations have signed a letter to David Davis and Theresa May to stress the important implications of Brexit on food and farming. With many of the UK’s food and farming policies and subsidies being defined at EU level, the UK government now has an opportunity to reshape these to ensure that taxpayers money Read more about Brexit government urged to take control of food, farming and fisheries for public good.[…]

International Forum for Agroecology, Nyéléni 2015

International Forum for Agroecology, Nyéléni Centre, 2015 Full Report downloadable here NYELENI-2015-ENGLISH-FINAL-OCR Our diverse forms of smallholder food production based on Agroecology generate local knowledge, promote social justice, nurture identity and culture, and strengthen the economic viability of rural areas. As smallholders we defend our dignity when we choose to produce in an agroecological way. Read more about International Forum for Agroecology, Nyéléni 2015[…]

Event banner - woman selling vegetables in the market

Investing in agriculture for food sovereignty

How can we get investment that primarily improves food provision and livelihoods instead of just increasing corporate profit, that supports ecological and biodiverse production rather than degrading the environment, that is based in land and seed rights not in dispossessing them? How can we ensure that small-scale food producers and those most vulnerable to hunger Read more about Investing in agriculture for food sovereignty[…]