Extinction and Livestock International Conference

The Extinction and Livestock international conference is being held on 5th/6th October 2017 at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, and will examine how we can transform our global food and farming systems to work for people, the planet and animals. World-class speakers will outline the big issues and suggest solutions. The conference will bring together diverse interests and act as a catalyst for future collaboration and solution development.

The Conference is the first step in a consensus-driven process to transform our global food and farming systems. Attendees are invited to express their interest in taking part in a series of follow-up meetings – convened by Compassion in World Farming and WWF – to collaborate to build on appropriate existing initiatives, develop further approaches and ensure their implementation.

These events, currently envisioned as a series of round-table meetings, will be framed in terms of SDGs; Paris Accord; and WHO targets. Each round-table will be chaired by a world-renowned expert in the topic area, and themed around relevant aspects of UN strategy. The round-tables will take place in key locations around the world, and together will form a multi-year approach to tackling the issues identified by the conference, in an open and pragmatic forum. The ultimate output will be an agreed pathway to achieving a positive change to global food and farming systems.