UK Food Group

Our vision is a world with a fair and sustainable food system that can end hunger, restore the environment and improve social justice.

The UK Food Group is a network of around 50 development, environment, farmer and academic organisations in the UK working on global food and agriculture issues. The diversity of our membership gives us a unique, dynamic and holistic perspective on food and agriculture issues.

The UK Food Group works to strengthen advocacy in the UK, the EU, the UN and other international bodies for a global food system that can achieve our vision.

We are in solidarity with the networks of those most vulnerable to hunger, including movements of small-scale farmers, herders and fishers in the global South. We support their right to be part of decision making in the global food system at all levels.

Structural causes
We always try to identify the underlying causes of problems in the global food system.

Speaking out
We want to let everyone know about the many great examples of sustainable and fair approaches to agriculture and local food systems that exist. We will also speak out against unjust and environmentally reckless approaches to food and agriculture.

Home page image: Shea nuts picked by a local farmer in northern Ghana. Photo by Ruth Leavett for the Gaia Foundation

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