Permaculture and International Development

A “Taster” workshop to share case studies of successful applications of permaculture design principles in international development work is being organised in the run-up to a 5-day training course in September 2018 entitled “Permaculture for Development Workers”,

The workshop aims to stimulate discussion into the contribution of permaculture to international development and humanitarian initiatives.  It will explore programming constraints and opportunities practitioners may face.  It is suitable for those working in a range of fields: from climate-sensitive design of  agro-ecology, food security, education, sustainable livelihoods, nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene programmes, through to disaster risk reduction, humanitarian response, and peace-building suited to fragile ecological and socio-political environments.

This initiative was a collaboration of permaculture practitioners, with many decades of experience in International Development with Permaculture Association Britain and hosted by the Stabilisation Agriculture Programme at the Centre for Agriculture, Water & Resilience (CAWR).