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Open letter on land guidelines   more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 10/10/11
Member organisations of the UK Food Group, and others have issued an open letter on negotiations for the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests. Land is central to the lives and livelihoods of poor people everywhere and this is a pivotal opportunity to tackle some of the systemic issues that have led to a broken global food system.
CFS Civil Society Mechanism regional meeting   more...
Contact: Civil Society Mechanism of the CFS Date: 30/09/11

On 30 Sept 2011 the Western European sub-regional group of the CFS Civil Society Mechanism met in Brussels in the offices of CONCORD. The agenda of the CFS was debated and positions, especially vis a vis the EU and Member States, were discussed and a letter was sent requesting formal meetings in Rome.

European Food Security Group meeting    
Contact: European Food Security Group Date: 29/09/11
On 29 Sept 2011 the CONCORD's European food Security Group (EFSG) met in Brussels. The agenda included issues concerning the CFS process, the CAP post 2013, Agricultural Investment in Africa, PCD in Europe and the implementation of the EU's food security policy and next phase of its thematic programme. Next meeting in December.
EFSG Common position on the reform of the Committee on Food Security   more...
Contact: UKFG Date: 08/10/09
The current crisis of the food system is the product of decades of wrong policies, of neglect of agriculture and rural development, of faith that markets would suffice to guarantee the right to food of the world’s population. The food crisis – interlinked with the financial, climatic and energy crises - has worsened the intolerable situation of the over one billion persons in the world who suffer from chronic hunger. At the same time, however, it has opened a window of opportunity by highlighting the urgency of deep changes in both the paradigms and the governance we adopt while seeking to attain food and nutrition security.

The European NGO members of Concord have been heartened by the steps towards more effective cooperation and coordination that have been taken by international institutions over the past months. Now the reform of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) provides a decisive opportunity to set the global governance of food, agriculture and nutrition on a firm basis. As we move toward the final negotiations of the reform in the coming session of the CFS in Rome on 14-17 October the position of the European Union is crucial since its stance thus far has been generally supportive of the effort to transform the CFS into a strong and authoritative global policy forum.
AGRICULTURE AT A CROSSROADS: Implementing the findings of the international agriculture assessment   more...
Contact: UKFG Date: 22/09/08
30th October, 2:00-5.00pm, London.
Sponsored by: Andrew George MP and Alan Simpson MP.
Keynote speaker: Professor Bob Watson, Director IAASTD and DEFRA Chief Scientist. More information as 125kb PDF

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