The UK Food Group is the principal UK network for NGOs working on global food and agriculture issues. Our vision is a world with a more just, sustainable and fairer food system in which hunger has been eradicated, equity realised and the environment restored.

Woman preparing ensete for planting, Gamu Highlands, SW EthiopiaTo this end our work seeks to promote sustainable and equitable food policies and practices; to challenge corporate power by providing a public interest perspective on issues affecting the global food system; and to strengthen the capacity of civil society to contribute effectively to international processes and consultations on food issues.

We represent around 50 development, environment, farmer and academic organisations, drawn together by a common concern to secure future food.

In Europe we represent BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development) on global food and farming issues, including representation in CONCORD’s European Food Security Group.

We keep members and friends informed through a discussion list. If you are interested, please subscribe to join the list.

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Eating better

The UK Food Group is supporting the Eating Better alliance, which is campaign for people in the UK to eat less meat and more food that is better for us and the planet.

Nyeleni Europe
Nyeleni Europe logo

The Nyeleni 2011 European Food Sovereignty Forum was held in August 2011, in Krems, Austria. 


Investing in agriculture for food sovereignty
16 Jan 2014

How can we get investment that primarily supports food provision and jobs rather than corporate profit?


Transforming our food system logo

Transforming our food system: how do we build a movement for food sovereignty in the UK

Inspired by efforts around the world, in July 2012 people came together to build the food sovereignty movement in the UK.


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Securing Future Food: towards ecological food provision

Publication coverA radical shift towards ecological food provision is needed, as found necessary by the landmark International Scientific Assessment (IAASTD), in order to secure future food for the world’s predicted 9 billion people. This briefing focuses especially on strengthening local food webs.

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Hidden Threats

Publication coverAn analysis of intellectual property rights in the trade negotiations for the EU-ACP EPAs (Economic Partnership Agreements), unveiling the hidden threats to securing food supplies and conserving agricultural biodiversity.

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