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The UK Food Group discussion list is open to anyone interested in global food system issues. Subscribers form a community of practice much wider than UK Food Group member organisations.

Anyone subscribed to the discussion list can post messages to share information, ideas, publications and opinions. The list's purpose is to:

  • discuss issues related to the global food system;

  • let everyone know about events, campaigns and activities that groups are organising;

  • share new publications;

  • highlight relevant news items.

Views expressed are the contributor's.

The discussion list can be quite busy, with often three or four messages a day. It is possible to opt for a daily digest, rather than receiving each message separately.

If you would like to join this discussion list, please send us an email

The list is hosted at Riseup. People who are members of the list can post messages to it by emailing ukfoodgroup [@] and if they also have a Risup account they can view the archives of the list. To unsubscribe from the list, send a message to from the email account that is subscribed to the list.

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Last updated: 30/04/2011