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europAfrica   EuropAfrica
"EuropAfrica: towards food sovereignty" is an information and public awareness campaign based on a collaboration between African regional farmers' networks and European NGOs that is calling for improved EU trade relations and a focus on local markets and a sustainable model of food production based on family farming.

Outputs of the project include:
  • Family farmers for sustainable food systems: a synthesis of reports by African farmers' regional networks on models of food production, consumption and markets. Available in English and Français
  • synthesis report of the Yaounde workshop on Agricultural Investment for strengthening family farming and sustainable food systems in Africa, available in English and Francais

The issue of agricultural investment is a key one in Africa and how and where these investments are directed is of considerable concern to African family farmers and their organisations. From CAADP to the reformed Committee on World Food Security, enhanced investment for food security is at the top of the agenda. Although there is now a commitment on the part of multilateral institutions and of a number of donors to give greater priority to supporting family farmers, a number of questions need to be explored in depth in order to ensure that the support proposed is what is wanted by, and is potentially beneficial to, Africa’s family farmers and their sustainable food systems. These productive and resilient family farming systems currently provide food for more than 80% of the African population and could deliver more.

The African regional farmers’ platforms conclude that in order to defend and promote family farming, sustainable food systems and food sovereignty, it is necessary:
1. to realise a common approach in the face of harmful agricultural investments that are
capturing productive resources, imposing industrial models of production, and implementing policies, strategies and research and other programmes that undermine local food systems;
2. to redirect agricultural investments towards more agroecological, biodiverse and resilient models of production supported by participatory research, development and extension systems under farmers’ control;
3. to give priority to agricultural investments that support the infrastructure and input requirements of sustainable family farming;
4. to secure agricultural investments to improve the effectiveness, capacities and capabilities of farmers’ organisations and networks, including their ability of farmers to self organize, for example in co-operatives that have social, economic, welfare and equity principles;
5. to ensure that there is meaningful participation by our networks and organisations, by using in particular, the approach agreed by States for civil society engagement in the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) which recognizes the autonomy of civil society organizations and welcomes them – small-scale food producers, in particular – as full participants. Existing arrangements in, for example, the accelerated CAADP and other investment programmes, are not as effective.

This project is co funded by the European Commission

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African smallholders in focus – a voice in EU trade policy   African smallholders in focus – a voice in EU trade policy
A dialoque– oriented public advocacy project by UK Food Group, Both ENDS, FIAN and Germanwatch.
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