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The Food Producers: how can they continue feeding the world?   more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 27/09/11
A UK Food Group half-day public conference looking at the real questions of how small-scale production can respond to the challenges of providing food in ways that eradicate hunger, improve equity and restore the environment. Join the debate to find real solutions, with representatives of small-scale food producers — those who are really feeding the world.
Securing Future Food   more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 24/09/10
"At the meeting in London today, De Schutter said the only long term way to resolve the crisis would be to shift to "agro-ecological" ways of growing food. This farming, which does not depend on fossil fuels, pesticides or heavy machinery has been shown to protect soils and use less water." John Vidal, The Guardian, 24 September 2010
UKFG 2010 Annual Meeting    more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 25/02/10
Development House, 56 - 64 Leonard Street, London
Thursday 25th February 2010, 1:30pm – 5:00pm

The first session, which was opened with the screening of the trailer of The Pig Business, a documentary by Tracy Worcester on the operations of factory farming, was the opportunity to review the past year and planning future activities. Members and friends were able to exchange information on their issues and priorities for 2010/11. This session was also the opportunity for the UK Food Group to discuss with members its ways of working and UKFG priorities for 2010/2011, one of which is the issue of “models of production”, the theme for this year’s EC project with European and African partners.

The second session was the opportunity to hear Mr Davo Vodouhe, coordinator of the Beninese Organisation for the Promotion of Organic Agriculture (OBEPAB), who offered insight of the issues surrounding sustainable cotton production in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Annual Meeting was brought to a close with the screening of Joy Carey’s short summary of her longer film, ‘Organic is the only sensible way’.
Seminar on Agroecology and Environmental Approaches to Agriculture    more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 24/02/10
All Party Parliamentary Group On Agriculture And Food For Development in conjunction with the UK Food Group
House of Lords — Wednesday 24th February 2010

Speakers: Prof. Martin Wolfe, Research Director — Organic Research Centre, Elm Farm; Dr. Julia Wright, Research Associate — Garden Organic; Patrick Mulvany, Senior Policy Adviser — Practical Action and co-chair UK Food Group; Dr Michel Pimbert, Principal Researcher, Natural Resources Group, Food and Agriculture, Biodiversity — International Institute for the Environment and Development.

Agroecological approaches to food provision will contribute to addressing environmental issues while maintaining and increasing productivity. This was a Key Finding of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), which DFID Ministers approved back in June 2008. The APPG report "Why no thought for food", launched last month, recommended that DFID must implement the findings IAASTD. The implications of these findings are a need to fundamental changes to agricultural policy and practice, if hunger is to be averted in ways that will ensure equity and restore the environment. This seminar will explore and discuss how to move towards these necessary agroecological approaches.
Food Sovereignty and the Right to Food    more...
Contact: UKFG Date: 28/01/10
Keynote Presentation: Michael Windfuhr, author “Food Sovereignty: towards democracy in localised food systems”
28 January 2010

This seminar will inform, discuss and deepen understanding of the ways in which implementing the food sovereignty framework and realizing the right to food will strengthen our food systems and eradicate hunger, secure livelihoods of food providers and sustain the biosphere. Michael Windfuhr’s presentation will provide insight into the stark choices for the food system in the face of multiple crises.
Rewriting the Rules... to secure our future food   more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 28/09/09
Our well-attended conference discussed urgent solutions to rising hunger and the multiple crises affecting the world’s dysfunctional food system that leaves one billion hungry and makes one billion obese. It discussed and proposed changes to national and international rules and regulations that should be rewritten if we are to secure future food supplies in ways that are socially and environmentally sustainable. Policy analysts and farmers from Europe and Africa led debates about specific rule changes and alternatives, in the context of food sovereignty
Soya, Amazon destruction and climate change - a perspective from Brazil   more...
Contact: UKFG Date: 15/03/09
The 24 February meeting Soya, Amazon destruction and climate change - a perspective from Brazil, attended by more than 50 people, was the chance to hear the dynamic Father Edilberto Sena, both a Roman Catholic priest - influenced by Liberation Theology - and a campaigner who is seeking to defend Amazonia against land-grabbers, loggers, ranchers and agribusiness multinationals. "We are small and we are fighting multinationals like Cargill - people who are using soya as a commodity. But I'm sure there are at least 200,000 Amazonians listening to my broadcast. Our objective is to educate the people, provide critical and objective news." The UKFG is very grateful to Friends of the Earth and Sustain for co-sponsoring the meeting, to Father Edilberto Sena, Claire Oxborrow, Friends of the Earth and Sue Branford, regular author and columnist on Latin American issues and Chair of War on Want, for speaking at the meeting and to Patrick Mulvany, UK Food Group, for chairing.
Agriculture at a Crossroads: Implementing the findings of the international agriculture assessment IAASTD   more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 30/10/08
The 30 October UKFG meeting "Agriculture at a Crossroads: Implementing the findings of the international agriculture assessment - IAASTD" was enriched by the participation of about 100 people in a packed Committee Room in the Houses of Parliament. We are very grateful to Andrew George MP and Alan Simpson MP for sponsoring the meeting, to Bob Watson, Director IAASTD and DEFRA Chief Scientist, Patrick Mulvany, Practical Action, and Janet Cotter, Greenpeace, for speaking at the meeting and to Jeanette Longfield, Sustain, for chairing. The meeting deepened understanding about this important UN/World Bank-sponsored report from the IAASTD and explored ways to implement its findings.
UK Food Group Seminar on The Future Control of Food: IPRs and Trade Agreements   more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 11/02/08
The Future Control of Food: IPRs and Trade Agreements

UK launch of a seminal book on this subject
THE FUTURE CONTROL OF FOOD A Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Food SecurityEdited by Geoff Tansey and Tasmin Rajotte
Published by Earthscan

The launch will be followed by a discussion on Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Partnership Agreements

We are delighted to be able to confirm this meeting. It comes at the start of an important year for policy debase on agriculture, food, the environment and development. Some of these were highlighted in Patrick Mulvany’s New Year message

On these and related matters we have decided to focus our first meeting of 2008 on the upcoming debates on agricultural biodiversity, agrofuels, GMOs, Terminator and IPRs in the context of the meetings of the Convention on Biological Diversity – the first of which is from 18 – 22 February in Rome – and the ongoing negotiations on Economic Partnership Agreements.

There will also be an opportunity to update on the UKFG’s and member organisations’ activities. The afternoon session will give us an opportunity to examine a key issue in greater depth.

We will host the UK launch of Geoff Tansey’s book “The Future Control of Food” and then have a discussion on the impact of Intellectual Property Rights clauses that may be inserted into trade agreements, in particular Economic Partnership Agreements, and what we could do about this.
World Food Day 16 October: defending farmers and the Right to Food   more...
Contact: UK Food Group Date: 20/10/07
16 October 2007, 9:30-17:30, NCVO, Regent's Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL

Contact: UKFG Date: 14/02/07
UK Food Group Members' Meeting
Wednesday 14 th February 2007
Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street , London EC2A 4JX (Nr Old Street tube station)
Basement meeting room, please ring for Pesticide Action Network



12 noon – 1:15pm UK Food Group business

•  Chair's review of the year's activities (15 mins)
•  Roundtable of members' food and agriculture activities for 2007 (30 mins)
•  Adoption of the UKFG constitution and changes to the management group (15 mins)
•  AOB
1:15pm – 1:45pm Buffet lunch

Agricultural song from Humberto Ríos Labra  

1:45pm – 4:30pm Afternoon session on Food Sovereignty

1:45pm Colin Hines, author
Co-author with Caroline Lucas MEP, of the new report ‘ Fuelling a food crisis' ' which will be available at the meeting. Colin will be asking “ What alternative agriculture policies should there be? What are the policy changes that are necessary in order to move away from our dependence on oil in the food chain?” (15 mins)

2:10pm Dr. Humberto Ríos Labrada , Garden Organic partner
Food Sovereignty and small farmer innovation in Cuba (10 mins)
Panel on Food Sovereignty and Nyéléni 2007 - Forum for Food Sovereignty, Sélingué, Mali 23-27 Feb

2:20 pm Aksel Naerstad , Norwegian Development Fund and European member of the organising committee for Nyéléni 2007
Nyéléni 2007 and the importance of European engagement in food sovereignty debates (15 mins)

3:00pm 5 mins from each of the UK Nyéléni 2007 Delegates on their perspectives on food sovereignty and what they hope to bring back from Nyéléni 2007:
•  Rachel Sutton (UKFG coordinator): UK Platform for Food Sovereignty perspective
•  Mike Hart (Small and Family Farmers Association/ Via Campesina): A UK smallholder farmer's perspective
•  Joe Zacune (Friends of the Earth): An environmentalist's perspective
3:20pm Discussion

How can UK NGOs take the food sovereignty message forward? What do we want the Nyéléni 2007 process to achieve? How can we as UK NGOs build solidarity with others actively practising food sovereignty as in Cuba ? What measures can we take to promote the localisation of food production and consumption and move away from our dependence on oil for food production?

4:15pm Summing up by the Chair

4:30pm Close

Contact: Rachel Sutton, UK Food Group co-ordinator 0207 713 5813 / 07858 149 784

* * Date for Your Diary * * There will be a Nyéléni 2007 feedback session at the next UKFG WG (SusAg&Trade/PTT) meeting* *

* * 14 March 2007, 12:30 – 3:00pm, Thorne Room, The Commonwealth Club, 18 Northumberland Ave , London , WC2N 5BJ * *

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