Agriculture at a crossroads:
Implementing the findings of the international agriculture assessment - IAASTD, 30 October 2008

IAASTD"Business as usual is not an optionů. continuing to focus on production alone will undermine our agricultural capital and leave us with an increasingly degraded and divided planet." Bob Watson, March 2008

The 30 October UKFG meeting "Agriculture at a Crossroads: Implementing the findings of the international agriculture assessment - IAASTD" was enriched by the participation of about 100 people in a packed Committee Room in the Houses of Parliament. We are very grateful to Andrew George MP and Alan Simpson MP for sponsoring the meeting, to Bob Watson, Director IAASTD and DEFRA Chief Scientist, Patrick Mulvany, Practical Action, and Janet Cotter, Greenpeace, for speaking at the meeting and to Jeanette Longfield, Sustain, for chairing.

You can now find their presentations, audio recordings and related papers at the bottom of this page. A note about the meeting will be posted on this webpage at a later date.

The meeting deepened understanding about this important UN/World Bank-sponsored report from the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) and explored ways to implement its findings.

The IAASTD report, the presentations and discussion on 30th October lead us to a simple conclusion that it is imperative to build on and implement the findings of IAASTD. Starting at home, our ministers, officials and academic bodies should be using this Assessment as a basis for future practical and policy work on key issues relating to food, agriculture and the environment. In particular, the findings show that it is essential to implement radical changes in order to secure future food supplies, sustain ecosystem functions and improve equity. But it appears those in power are unwilling to do so. Perhaps the main action resulting from the meeting is that individually and collectively we need to remind them repeatedly about the consequences of not implementing these landmark findings and the worldwide benefits of doing so.


Audio recording of Prof Watson's presentation (2300kb wma)
Presentation by Bob Watson, IAASTD and DEFRA Chief Scientist (3800kb pdf)

Audio recordings of Patrick Mulvany's presentation and summary and Andrew George's intervention (1458kb pdf) (575kb pdf)
Presentation by Patrick Mulvany, Practical Action (946kb pdf)

Audio recording of Janet Cotter's presentation (534kb pdf)
Presentation by Janet Cotter, Greenpeace UK (630kb pdf)

22 KEY FINDINGS OF IAASTD - at a glance (96kb pdf)

Agriculture for Development's article on IAASTD, Autumn 2008 (394kb pdf)

Special Briefing on IAASTD prepared by Practical Action, GM Freeze and Friends of the Earth (98kb pdf) 2008b.doc

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