Localised food systems discussed at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018

Localised food systems: ensuring UK policies strengthen healthy food provision and food sovereignty here and abroad

The 2018 Oxford Real Farming Conference will be held in the Oxford Town Hall on 4th & 5th January.  The UK Food Group will be present in this unique gathering of the UK’s sustainable and organic food and farming movements.  Our session is scheduled for January 4th at the Assembly Room between 9:30-10:30. Do come and join in the debate

Localised food production is growing in importance and recognition in the UK and abroad. In urban and rural areas, organised local communities and social movements are working on food issues as a way to achieve social justice and reaffirm their rights and food sovereignty. After Brexit, UK’s international food footprint could impact the sustainability of local, nutritious and ecologically-produced food in the Global South.  The role and importance of defending localised food systems and the inclusion of “ignored” voices in policy forums at all levels will be addressed in this session.

Chair: Nora McKeon, writer, researcher, activist and former FAO Director of civil society relations.

Speakers: Dee Woods, community action-ist, urban grower at Granville Community Kitchen. 2016 BBC Food and Farming Awards winner and member of GLA London Food Board.

Tom Wakeford, lead Practitioner for People’s Knowledge and Trans-disciplinary Working Group, Centre for Agro-ecology Water and Resilience of Coventry University.